Board of 2023


Harassment Contact Person

Avaneep Kamal

Academic Affairs,

TEK Representative

Andrew Trieu


Membership Registrar

David Vigh

Corporate Relations,

Alumni Relations

Eduard Ailincai

Marketing Manager,

LPR/LAHO Representative

Roosa Pipatti


Health and Well-Being Incharge

Vera Andersson

Project Manager,

LPR/LAHO Representative

Eerika Närhi


Communications Manager

Arlis Puidet

Officers of 2023

Alfred Sirbu Slounge Master, ESN Representative
Annalina Wheeler Harassment Contact Person
Antonia Gimmer IEM Representative, Flex Officer
Andrei Toma Website Officer and Flex Officer
Bruno Jasvin Flex Officer
David Palagnuic SSE Representative
Darja Veltmann Publisher
Haoyu Zhang Chinese Representative
Jana Filippova EnTe Representative and Flex Officer
Jing Fan Chinese Representative
Joseph Zinno Master's Degree Representative and Corporate Officer
Lev Samin Flex Officer
Nadia Vara Slounge Master
Onur Can Yıldız Social Media Officer
Pouya Amiri Flex Officer
Qingbo Gao Chinese Representative
Samu Friiberg Event Management Officer
Shafim Raiyan Hossai Flex Officer
Siyuan Tan Merchandise Officer
Valtteri Östberg Treasurer and Corporate Officer
Vera Stojcheva Creative Design Officer