Harassment Contact Person

Who is the Harassment Contact Person?

The Harassment Contact Person (HCP) is an essential resource available to provide support in cases of uncomfortable situations or harassment. They serve as a point of contact for individuals who may require assistance or guidance. HCPs are trained to mediate conflicts and offer advice when an individual faces harassment.
If you find yourself in need of someone to talk to, HCPs are here to listen and provide a supportive environment. In more serious situations, HCPs can help you identify and connect with the appropriate individuals.
It's important to note that all conversations with HCPs are confidential, and they have no authority to punish someone. Their primary role is to provide support, guidance, and ensure the well-being of those seeking assistance.

What comes under harassment?

  • Mental/physical bullying.
  • Threatening.
  • Unequal treatment or discrimination, racism (even casual racism).
  • Distressing messages.
  • Inappropriate remarks.
  • Untruthful gossip.
  • Any other activity that makes you feel uncomfortable or offends you.
Note: Remember that even if you don't think your words are offensive, they may stillhurt someone else.

What is the process like?

How to contact the HCPs?

  • AT EVENTS: You can find and approach the HCPs in the events most of the time. You can also find more information about the HCPs present at events through the Instagram stories. Aether HCPs wear fluorescent orange vests.
  • AT THE CAMPUS: During weekdays, you can approach the HCPs in-person at the campus or via their contact information.
  • Incase you can't find the HCPs, you can fill the Anonymous HCP form at the venues (usually near the sink at the washroom) or you can contact them using their contact information. The form is also given below:

Who are the main HCPs?