Student advocacy

One of the most important tasks of our guild is study advocacy. Feedback is very important for the whole student body. Being vocal about your studies is the only way to improve and fix possible existing problems.

The Academic Affairs Manager along with the Chairperson of the guild regularly participate in the meetings with the programme departments from LUT and the student union LTKY. In the meetings, decisions are made about the contents of the courses and their lecturers, and other important topics are discussed concerning the interests of the students in terms of their studies.
A few times a year, the students and programme staff meet for a coffee session at the Slounge where they discuss the concerns around their studies. This way the students have the opportunity to make sure that their point of view is considered in all decision-making. Along with the meetings and other activities, we also actively collect feedback from the students, both verbally and in the form of feedback surveys. So remember to give your feedback for the courses!
We also want to encourage our members to apply to the representative council of the LTKY, so that the voices of the Lahti campus students can be heard as widely as possible.

If you have any issues or want to discuss about advocacy then please contact our Academic Affairs Manager via email (