Lahti Careerlink

The perfect opportunity for the students and companies of Lahti city to connect with one another.
The LUT Lahti campus comprises of 3 bachelor’s degree programmes and 6 Master’s degree programmes, all of them being international programmes, with over 700 students. And 3 master's programmes in finnish as well.

The Lahti Careerlink is a network and recruitment event for the companies of Lahti to make their presence known to the students of LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences for hiring purposes, and for the students to showcase their talent to the companies around them.

What: A recruitment event that consists of a stand-based fair, along with the opportunity to give company presentations simultaneously. Mainly for the purpose of connecting with the students and informing them about the current and upcoming career opportunities.

Where: Main campus lobby of the Mukkula campus, Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti

When: Wednesday, November 8th 2023, 10-16

Who is it for?: Company recruitment services and current working experts in the companies, career services, unions and alumni associations, and students seeking jobs in Finland, especially in the Lahti region.

Registration opens: August 1st 2023 (1.8.2023) from 8 am.

Type of career opportunities needed:Graduate jobs, part-time jobs, Internships, Thesis-work, Summer Training. Almost all positions are recommended to be in english, leaning towards recruiting international students.

Contact information:

LUT Students:

  • Software and systems engineering
  • Energy Technology
  • Industrial Engineering and Management

  • Software Product Management and Business
  • Digital Systems and Service Development
  • Electric Transportation Systems
  • Circular Economy
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme Sustainable Biomass and Bioproducts Engineering
  • Tietojohtamisen ja johtajuuden maisteriohjelma (in Finnish)
  • Yrittäjyyden maisteriohjelma (in Finnish)
  • Tuotantotalouden maisteriohjelma TUDI (in Finnish)