Fresher Captain and Fresher Guide

Hi to all Freshers!

My name is Samut Jokela, 2nd year IEM student, and I am your fresher captain. My role is to introduce everyone to the student culture of ours and make sure everyone has fun during parties/events throughout the whole year. There are many unwritten rules in which I’ll be sure to introduce all of you to.

I’m also a person you can always approach and reach out to, no matter what the topic or issue is, I am always ready to help, especially about student life/culture.

Easily spot me in the dark yellow/dark blue overalls or by the yellow construction helmet. Another way is to send me an email at or via Telegram @SamutJokela.

Fresher Guide is for the new and old students of Lahti to become acquainted with various good tips and a short introduction to Aether and LTKY. We highly recommend that you read it if you haven’t already! The Fresher Guide can be found here.